Edmonton Expo Centre   Returning Fall 2023           Contact Us

Edmonton Expo Centre   Returning Fall 2023           Contact Us

Edmonton Expo Centre  Returning Fall 2023

Returning Fall 2023


Welcome to The Edmonton Motorshow

About The Show

The Edmonton Motorshow has been Edmonton’s premier automotive event for the last 45 years, and is the largest show in Western Canada. Housing upwards of 750 vehicles means patrons get to experience all the automotive world has to offer; the latest from Manufacturers, classics, exotics, or customs, the Motorshow has it.

There are various interactive elements like test drive zones, simulators, and a collector car auction. You can also enter to win a vehicle, racing packages and other prizes. We pride ourself on being a family show, continually striving to grow and offer new and exciting elements to our patrons. Don’t miss out, come and enjoy the automotive excitement with us!